The Big Squeeze Kickstarter Video

“Skin care is really expensive. Getting my money’s worth is really important.”

– Heidi E, Denver



I wish I had the Big Squeeze years ago! I’m so happy now – can’t wait.

– Millar, Denver

“It’s amazing how many tubes there were when I really looked.”

– Ryan E, Denver


  • Saves You Money

    Saves You Money

    Saves You Money

    With expensive products, every dollar you can save is important.  The Big Squeeze can make your expensive tubes last longer – saving you money.

  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

    Just like a can opener, the Big Squeeze is easy to use.  When it is partially empty, you simply insert the tube between the gears, turn the crank, and all the contents are pushed forward – it’s like refilling the tube, making it easy to use again.

  • Help the Environment

    Help the Environment

    Help the Environment

    Squeeze every drop out of all your tubes, including art supplies, professional hair products, pharmaceutical ointments, sunscreens, moisturizers, toothpaste, and more.

What is it?

An ergonomic hand tool that squeezes every drop out of any tube.

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Reasons we love the Big Squeeze.

Saves You Money

Stop throwing money away. The Big Squeeze saves money with every turn of the crank.

Helps Arthritis Sufferers

The easy grip handles and meshing gears make emptying a tube effortless.

Eliminates Aggravation

Stop pinching, scraping, and rolling your tubes. The Big Squeeze is here to help.

Help the Environment

Don't send your partially empty tubes to the landfill.

Ergonomic Design

The Big Squeeze is as simple and intuitive to operate as a can opener.

Fun Colors

Available in Lime Green, Indigo Blue, Bright Orange, Hot Pink


Who is behind this ingenius device?

  • Steve
    Steve is a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur determined to create a company that produces creative products while having as much fun as possible. He has designed and produced new products for over 15 years. The Big Squeeze was envisioned over twenty years ago and is now becoming a reality.
  • Clark
    Clark is a mechanical engineer with 25 years of experience designing products from airplanes to bicycles. He loves to race kinetic vehicles and tinker in his basement creating new gadgets.
  • Felicity
    Felicity is a born organizer with an engineering degree and an MBA with experience in the aircraft and software consulting industries. She has worked with engineers, software developers, and technicians from all over the world.

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